There’s no doubt that choosing the perfect brand name is one of the most exciting and important elements of startup branding.

it’s important to identify, as precisely as possible, who your customers are, before you begin to think about a name for your brand, because If you don’t know who you’re creating your brand for, then you will never find a compelling name. Take for example you are creating a brand which persons from age 18 to  35 are  your customers, it would make no sense choosing a name that persons from age 40 to  100 years will relate with or you are creating a business which women will be your customers more than men, it will also make no sense choosing a name that guys will relate with, so it is very important to know who your customers are and what name will be appealing to them.

Note that a brand is so more than a name. The personality, actions, and reputation of your brand are really what give the name meaning in the market. that’s why as a business owner, your company’s name is probably one of the first big commitments you have to make. It’ll impact your logo, your domain, your marketing, and trademark.

But What’s in a name? Depending on the kind of business you want to start, you can make the case that your name matters very little or it matters a lot stromectol cena. It is very possible that your brand name has nothing to do with the products you promote or services you offer.

For example, the popular brand that we all know APPLE, deals on computers and electronic gadgets, you will agree with me that its products have absolutely nothing to do with the brand name, but do you observe that it is a perfect name for the age range they want to be their customers? do you observe that the name blends with persons from age 50 below as it would with age 50 above? Now tell me, who are their customers, 50 above or 50 below? You can now see the reason why the younger generation seems to like apple products.

Ideally, you want a business name that’s hard to imitate and even harder to confuse with existing players in the market. If you have any plans to expand the product lines you offer latter, consider keeping your business name broad so that it’s easier to pivot than if you chose a brand name based on your product category.

Example; V.S.L Concepts is basically a digital marketing agency, and while the name was being considered, we had it in mind that there will be other businesses that we will like to add to the brand, like an Ultra-modern unisex salon, a laundry Shop, and others, so we needed a broad name that will accommodate any business we want to add to the brand, so we considered a conglomerate and not just a name that limits us to the digital marketing category. Imagine a professional photographer wants to choose a brand name, and he choose SLEEK PHOTOGRAPHY for example ,and he has the desire to go into event management in future as it open doors for more business opportunities, or let’s say his wife plans setting up an event management business or even Canopy rental business, would he be able to incorporate these new businesses into that his already chosen name?  absolutely No, because they fall into a different category. But let’s imagine he uses SLEEK CONCEPTS, SLEEK INNOVATIONS, and the likes, do you think it will be difficult to incorporate new businesses under that brand name? I will let you answer that question.

Now, take your time, try one (or a combination) of the following 8 approaches to quickly come up with some brand name ideas that will work for your business or organization.

  1. Try to make up a word like Pepsi.
  2. Reframe an unrelated word like Apple for computers.
  3. Use a suggestive word or metaphor like Buffer.
  4. Describe your business literally, like The Shoe Company. { Note: it is easy to imitate }
  5. Alter a word by removing letters, adding letters, or using Latin endings like Tumblr (Tumbler) or Activia.
  6. Use the initials of a longer name like HBO (Home Box Office)
  7. Combine two words: Pinterest (pin interest) or Facebook (Face + Book)
  8. Turn a string of words into an acronym: V.S.L (Very Soft Life) {yes that’s how I got my brand name, I just added Concepts to it..lol}

Since your brand name will also affect the domain/URL of your website, be sure to check to see what’s available before you decide.

Image result for url

Contact us to check if your desired name is available or taken.

Before finally deciding on the perfect name for your brand, it’s a good idea to show your desired name to close friends or family members, if for no other reason, to make sure it doesn’t have an unintended meaning or is too similar to something else that you might’ve missed.

If you have existing customers for other products, you could survey them via Facebook, email, or one of many other online survey tools.

If you are a brand-new startup, the testing may form just part of your market research, which may be conducted among family, friends, colleagues and on social media.

Whatever the case, make sure you test your chosen brand name thoroughly and objectively. If people are giving you negative responses or think you sell football boots when you are supposed to sell golf shoes, you’ll know you’re missing the mark.

Remain skeptical. Pay attention not only to what people say and how they respond – but also their very initial reaction, it means a lot.

Finally, once you’ve properly chosen and tested your brand name, you can start setting up your online presence.

So go out there, capture all the relevant domains, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and anything else necessary to finalize the process. Build your logo around your chosen brand name and start to grow a relevant and trusted brand that’s true to your values.

Note: if you find this whole process tiring, V.S.L Concepts Branding Agency is always here to help, we are just a phone call away. Contact us now!

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