This Is A FREE Special Online Training For Those With No Web-Design Skill But Want To Learn How to Design Any Website Like A Professional. Why is this training free?


Every year, We at V.S.L Concepts Digital Marketing Agency Empower 100,000 Youths with a digital skill that can give them a minimum of $500 monthly, working as a freelancer online. below are pictures from our previous years empowerment programs.

What You Will Learn!

Domain Name & Hosting

You'll not only be taught how to buy domain names but where to get them at affordable prices.

How to Design a Company Website

We'll also teach you how to design any kind of corporate website like an engineering or business website.

How To Design a BLog

We'll teach you how to design any kind of entertainment, fashion, and travel blog from start to finish.

E-Commerce website

We'll teach you how to design an E-Commerce website like Alibaba.com, aliexpress.com, Jumia.com etc. using WordPress.

See what some graduated students have to say

You Will Get A Certificate After This Training


Our Certificates are recognized by employers and recruiters in Africa. When you finish this course and complete the hands-on projects, you'll earn a Certificate that will earn you a job if you do not want to work online as a freelancer. This makes certification for this training mandatory for all participants.

Note: Our Certificate cost ($7) N5,000 . Payment will be made DURING the training.

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This course covers everything you need to know about website design using WordPress. No previous experience is required. At the end of this course, you will have designed your own Blog, Company and E-commerce websites.

See Your Course Outline

Week 1

  1. Basics of website design
  2. Essential elements required to build a website
  3. Recommended domain name registrars
  4. How to buy a domain name & hosting
  5. Tools for website design

Week 2

  1. cPanel navigation
  2. Webmail setup (E.G [email protected])
  3. Setting Up webmail forwarders
  4. Setting up webmail autoresponders
  5. Content management system

Week 3

  1. WordPress installation
  2. WordPress themes
  3. WordPress settings
  4. WordPress plugin
  5. Adding site content

Week 4

  1. Designing a Blog
  2. Designing a Bitcoin Investment Website
  3. Designing a company website
  4. Designing an E-commerce website
  5. Fiverr account setup

(Requirements For Joining This Training)

Absolutely no experience is required, anyone can learn using a Personal Computer (Desktop or Laptop). All Other Tools Will Be Provided To You For FREE.

If you do not have a computer, don't be bothered, you can watch the tutorial videos with your phone and do your practicals with a borrowed computer or better still, do them in a cybercafe.

Note: Not having a phone is not a limitation for this training, your phone will be very useful, we have many students who try to use their phone to design their websites even though we highly recommend using a computer. So don't worry if you do not have a computer, you can still follow up.

The overall Project Winner of this Program will go Home with a Brand New Laptop.


You Might Be The Winner Of This Brand New Laptop.

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This is a Limited Time Offer, It will be Removed shortly
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Based on 607 reviews.
Assumpta Treasure
Assumpta Treasure
8. June, 2022.
Am never serious with anything online training until my encounter with VSL Concepts. They kept to their words and even offered more than they say, they didn't hold anything back. VSL Concepts is nō1 true online training platform.
Kashat Boyo
Kashat Boyo
8. June, 2022.
VSL Concepts training has been awesome. Mr. Richard Esemuru is a guru in graphics and he has upgraded my skills in graphics. VSL is the real deal!
macdonald Nnaemeka
macdonald Nnaemeka
8. June, 2022.
VSL concept practically gave me a thousand worth of knowledge for for as low as nothing..
so grateful!!!
Emmanuel Kay Hanson
Emmanuel Kay Hanson
8. June, 2022.
I have learnt so much from VSL concepts and eternally grateful to Mr Richard for his down-to-earth approach in teaching.
Elvis Adovor
Elvis Adovor
7. June, 2022.
The best that had happened to me so far in this year.
Thanks so much Sir.
God bless you
Oduro Emmanuel
Oduro Emmanuel
7. June, 2022.
I'm ever grateful for such training
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