V.S.L Concepts Partners with NIMELSSA in Training 600 Students

V.S.L Concepts Partners with NIMELSSA in Training 600 Students

In collaboration with the Nigerian Medical Laboratory Science Student Association (NIMELSSA) V.S.L Concepts embarked on a 1 Month of specialized digital marketing and ICT training program for over 600 students in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

V.S.L Concepts, Nigeria’s number one Digital Marketing Agency is praised for its benevolent contribution to the African society as they continue to foster growth in Digital Marketing and professional ICT skills among youths in Nigeria and Africa.

 According to Mr. Richard Esemuru, founder of V.S.L Concepts, “when we got the call from the National President of NIMELSSA to be a part of this great project, although challenging we heartily agreed to take the chance as it was in line with our goal of empowering the youths of Nigeria.”  

You might wonder: 

  • Why would a National Tertiary organization, made up of Medical Laboratory Science students be interested in Digital Marketing training and ICT skills?
  • What factors did NIMELSSA consider when choosing a company to work with?
  • Why did they choose to work with V.S.L Concepts?

These perplexing questions will be answered and the result will leave you wowed at the outcome of this great program!

Why the Need For This Program  

We live in an ever-dynamic society and Nigeria is ranked number 1 with the highest internet users in Africa, with over 109 million users! This trend has greatly influenced the socio-economic life of Nigerians both online and offline, leading to a radically increased interest in Digital marketing: the world’s modern oil money.

 According to the NIMELSSA’s president, “the world is going digital and every facet of life, economy, medicine, and sciences has in more ways been modified by the internet. Hence, it is of ought most importance to help NIMELSSA students across Nigeria benefit from this exciting program.”

Factors NIMELSSA Considered when Choosing who to work with

As they say, what is worth doing is worth doing well. NIMELSSA president added that his goal was to create a positive life-changing opportunity for his student; therefore, for his goal to be accomplished he sought a Digital Marketing Agency which was not only professional and excellent in their field but had a similar goal to that of him and his team. This factor was key In their search until there found V.S.L Concepts.

Why NIMELSSA Choose  to Work with VSL Concepts

It is an open secret that a diamond shines even in the dark: VSL Concepts’ reputation precedes them! With a history of successful training programs and accomplished students in Nigeria and across Africa, it was all too easy to be recognized. In line with a report from the NIMELSSA P.R.O, he said he had done his research carefully and had a one on one interactions with past students and the reports were impressive. The testimonies of other students too made V.S.L Concepts the best company to work with.

The Training 

Furthermore, the exciting training program kicked off via online classes on the 7th of March 2022 with a daily attendance of over 600 students across Nigeria. There were students from Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto, University of Nigeria, Enugu, University of Abuja, University of Lagos, University of Ibadan, Imo state University, University of Port Harcourt, and more. 

During the one-month Digital Marketing training, students were taught practical skills including; Web design and development, Graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media and email marketing, Video Editing, Copywriting and Google Analytics. 

The classes were scheduled to fit the students’ time, which was mostly evenings, thus, their tutor put out extra time to teach them. At the end of each lesson, students were given assignments which was a compulsory part of their assessment.Also, students had discussion forum where they talked  and shared ideas with  fellow students and tutors. Therefore; making new friends and creating oneness among students in the same field. At the end of the program students were given projects which served as a means to put to practical use what they have learned. 

What is more than motivating your students?


You agree with me that everyone  need motivation. So, V.S.L Concepts in union with NIMELSSA organized awards and  prizes for the best students! Thus, participants stood the chance of winning prizes such as: a brand new laptop, smartphone, Bluetooth air pods, a certificate of participation and many more prizes including; freelancing opportunities and possible employment along with a free continuous learning after the one month training.

On the 28th of March 2022, the one month training came to an end. Highlights of the training include the wonderful performance of some students. Below are a few testimonies of participants:


“The classes are very cool and enjoyable, the web base training was really expressed to a layman’s understanding ” Samson, 300 level, University

“I have  really learnt aloof rom this first  class, the video is self explanatory and the coach explains very well…I  understand perfectly ” Onyeka, 200 level, Imo state university 

“I am very happy that I enrolled in this training, it has taught me so much”  Oluwasegun, 400 level,  University of Lagos




Alluding to the NIMELSSA President he says words would fail him as he expressed his satisfaction over the terrific outcome of the program. “Many of my students called to show appreciation as they fully benefited from the training. Some went ahead to display their graphic designs and newly created websites.” This and many more positive response was related.

The project came to an end; nonetheless, it made a mark in the history of NIMELSSA students setting a standard for other organizations and boosting Digital Marketing skills in Nigeria. This great awakening employs you to take the step today! Learn digital marketing and be a part of the ever-evolving digital world!