About Lesson

Here is our first lecture for this training.

This lecture is the most important lecture of this training, it gives you basic information of what a website is and how it works.  GET READY TO BE MIND BLOWN.

While watching the video, Find answers to these questions, this is your first assignment in this course. 


  • What is a domain name?
  • What is a server?
  • What is the full meaning of  WWW
  • How do you understand the term Uniform Resource Locator?
  • Explain the relationship between a domain name and a server.


Immediately after watching the video do your assignment and submit it to this email: [email protected]

Please Note the following while submitting your assignment.

  1. Attach your Full Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number that we can reach you on

Please, it is important you submit your assignment with the complete details listed above. Remember that the overall project winner will go home with a brand-new laptop.

After submitting your assignment, you can now click next to move to the next lecture.