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Welcome To V.S.L Concepts ICT
Academy Limited

V.S.L Concepts ICT Academy is a world-class ICT Training Center that is specialized in training individuals, schools, and co-operate organizations on ICT skills like Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Website Design & Development, Branding Etc.
Since 2017 , over 4 million youths have been trained on ICT. Every year we empower 100,000 African youths with a digital skill that will help them make money legitimately on the internet.
We are duly registered with CAC and offer recognized certification for our training. We are an award-winning ICT Academy with customers throughout Africa.

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Why Choose V.S.L Concepts

<p>We make sure that our students have access to Experienced, competent and knowledgeable Instructors, who are ever ready to impact knowledge.</p>

<p>We provide various platforms for supports for our online and offline students. Even if you are stock at 1am, we have instructors who are there to help you.</p>

<p>We offer one-on-one training for our online and onsite training. As you enroll, we assign a private instructor to you, who will train you at your own learning pace.</p>

<p>We offer professional ICT training at affordable prices. For as low as 5000 You can enroll. Kindly visit the courses session to see the pricing of our courses</p>