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The Complete WordPress Website Design Course

16 Jan, 2023
About The Course

Welcome to The Ultimate website design course. This course covers everything you need to know about website design using WordPress. At the end of this course, you will have designed your own Blog, Company, and E-commerce websites.

This course is made for all amateur, non-professional website designers who wish to explore or improve their skills in website design using WordPress.

What you’ll learn:

1.Domain Name & Hosting

You’ll not only be taught how to buy domain names but where to get them at affordable prices.

2. How To Design a BLog

We’ll teach you how to design any kind of entertainment, fashion, and travel blog from start to finish.

3. How to Design a Company Website

We’ll also teach you how to design any kind of corporate website like an engineering or business website.

4. E-Commerce website

We’ll teach you how to design an E-Commerce website like Alibaba.com, aliexpress.com, Jumia.com, etc. using WordPress.

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The Course Curriculam


  • Course Outline Review
  • Basics of Website Design Simplified like ABC.

Domain Name & Hosting

How To Design A Blog (Step By step Video Tutorial)

Support Forum

Company Website Design (Step By Step Video Tutorial)

Ecommerce website design (Step By Step Video Tutorial)

Freelancing (Fiverr.com)

Bonus Materials

Conclusion & Certification


Richard Esemuru

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